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Welcome to our exquisite yoga studio, where tranquility, inspiration, and transformation seamlessly blend together. Step into a haven of serenity, and embark on a journey that will nurture your body, mind, and soul.


Dana discovered her love for yoga when she was 15 years old by attending Hot Vinyasa classes in her hometown of Pinehurst, North Carolina.  When she began yoga she had a very physical practice; she mainly started practicing yoga to stay active and “fit,” but it has since transformed into much more than that. Since then she has explored Pilates, Restorative yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Aerial yoga, and she completed her RYT 200 in 2013 through Mind Body Centering Yoga in Hillsborough which incorporated aspects of Yoga Therapy for mental illness. Through her yoga classes, she hopes to encourage students to not only live a healthy lifestyle but to also take their yoga practice a step further by appreciating the physical and mental strength we all manifest on and off our mats. Dana is a recent graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, and she can truly appreciate the value of an energetic and mindful hot yoga practice to de-stress and stay healthy.  She loves to teach an upbeat, multi-level class, offering opportunities to both challenge and calm the body and mind.  

Sarah Jeffries was introduced to yoga at a young age by her mother who is an instructor. When she was 16, her family opened up a hot yoga studio, where she spent much of her time, taking all different styles of vinyasa classes. She recently completely her 200 hour RYT certification with Jimmy Barkan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Sarah’s classes are challenging but accessible to all practitioners of yoga. She is a student at UNC Chapel Hill, working towards a degree in public policy and using yoga to manage and release the stress school brings. Join her to let off some steam and improve your practices together! 



Amy first started practicing yoga because she was looking for a good workout and something to help relieve stress. However, over the years she has discovered the mental, physical and spiritual healing powers of yoga. Yoga has challenged her both physically and mentally and has helped her to become a more present person. In 2013 she moved to Chapel Hill, where she knew very few people. During this time she realized that yoga was one of the few constants in life -that was there no matter what life brings. It was this realization that made her decide to pursue a 200-hour certification with Lori Burgwyn at Franklin Street Yoga Center. As a yoga teacher she enjoys teaching a fun vinyasa class that empowers students through their breath and asana. Her “daytime” job is as a Family Nurse Practitioner, where she is passionate about helping people meet their health and wellness goals

Naomi first found herself on the mat after an injury left her with constant chronic back pain. Her doctors were convinced that her days of living an active lifestyle were done, but then a friend suggested hot yoga as a form of physical rehabilitation. After barely surviving the first brutal 90-minute hot yoga class, she was convinced that yoga was lethal. However, something compelled her to stick with it and she kept going back. Within a few months, the pain that dictated her life began to disappear and she no longer had to rely on medication to get through the day. The physical transformation of gaining strength through yoga was gradual but the inner strength, tranquility, and lightheartedness the practice brought was unexpected. Yoga changed everything, including the way she approached everyday life.  Naomi hopes to share all that yoga has brought to her through teaching. 



I first learned about yoga in the home, growing up in an Indian family in Toronto, Canada. It was at home that I first learned the importance of breath (prana), a gaze (drishti), heat (tapas) and flow/alignment (vinyasa).
I grew up in a spiritual home, based on Hindu principles. I attended balavihar (Hindu sunday school) and practiced basic Hindu classical dance (Bharata natyam). After college, I  lived in the  Japanese countryside teaching English, then again during graduate school.  I have traveled around Europe, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Bali, Fiji and Korea. In 1996, I attended a 10 day Vippasana meditation course in the Kyoto mountains. This was a completely silent meditation with a focus on observing our breath/body connection. Living and traveling in Asia helped to enhance my understanding of Eastern Buddhist philosophy. 
As part of my Baptiste vinyasa training, I have attended week long trainings in the Catskill mountains, Nashville (Assisting training) and will be attending another week long training in October 2015 in Sedona, Arizona.
These trainings combine a rigorous vinyasa practice with a personal search for authenticity and wholeness. 

As a vinyasa instructor, my ultimate goal is to help my students to become empowered by connecting their breath with their bodies. To observe themselves and not judge, but rather, to accept. When I am not doing yoga, I am playing with my three daughters or working in my “day job” at Duke University as a counselor, helping students to align with their “True North”.

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